2017 TCA Drivers Championship

1Elivan Goulart140231923232626000000
2Matthew Fassnacht134262621211723000000
3Dean Copeland11282326172117000000
4Eric Powell110211715152319000000
5Tom O'Gorman99121019261121000000
6Brian Henderson701521001915000000
7Daniel Moen6910713131313000000
8Paul Whiting43131500150000000
9Eric Laporte38001414010000000
10Kevin Anderson3898001011000000
11Gary Kwok3600171900000000
12Spencer Patterson3319140000000000
13Sarah Montgomery2817110000000000
14Richard Astacio2800001414000000
15Steve Streimer2400001212000000
16Michael Johnson201460000000000
17Glory Fernandez201190000000000
18Jeff Sexton197120000000000
19Jason Connole130130000000000

Last Update: 2017-05-30 21:27:51

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