2016 TCA Drivers Championship

1Elivan Goulart125411098117110117234 **98989084980 **
2Joey Bickers1205849090105001171179890180 *234 *
3Eric Powell919909109098196 **608457431100 **
4Matthhew Fassnacht82568729857160 **768476054800 **
5Jay Salinsky754605184680064724851120 *136 *
6Samantha Tan751726076760072685445114 *114 *
7Kevin Anderson629057806490908060604800
8Kris Wright54754540808480064518000
9Paul Whiting5197668000076076647584
10Spencer Patterson440000076846880726000
11Jason Wolfe4359811000000011011700
12Forrest Landy39600084000080768472
13Daniel Williams34406400000064687276
14Mason Filippi2960000000068727680
15Johan Schwartz253710000000849800
16Sam Adams18000000090900000
17Patrick Seguin15680760000000000
18Drake Kemper13757800000000000
19Warren Dexter12400000000006460
20Daryl Harr10800000000005454
21Alain Lauziere720007200000000
22Gary Kwok600006000000000
23Steven Streimer570000000005700
24Perry Richardson510000000000510

General Bulletin #09 – * = 1.0 Eligible | ** = 2.0 Eligible
 2016 General Bulletin #09

Last Update: 12 October 2016

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