2016 TC Drivers Championship

1Toby Grahovec11469811098110840 **9898909090180 **
2Patrick Gallagher114145768490008484105105234 *234 *
3Nick Wittmer97179811098220 **0 **903984578484
4John A. Weisberg809414572760 **196 **090641108035
5Shea Holbrook80760848064640 **80764168136 **54
6Anthony Geraci7786457516898220 **0080720 **68
7Kevin Krauss776485168720041686064144 *160 *
8Jason Fichter66572727680007260510108 *74 *
9Daniel Moen65239414857160 **80394548540 **41
10Adam Poland63180806791700011009898
11Tony Rivera559840000011711754803572
12Steve Burns51276480000766476764551
13Dinah Weisberg5120054546868454343514145
14Gino Carini485435457510060480086 *86 *
15Dennis Hanratty454009060769751800000
16Andrew Rains376686800006857007639
17Max Fedler376000000647268606448
18Brian Lift3510064480043545748370
19Vesko Kozarov30211090000057045000
20Paul Street23435000005437005157
21Randy Hale2125137000000006064
22Kristian Boodoosingh15600000000728400
23J.R. Roberts14800007276000000
24Carl Rydquist13690460000000000
25Austin Snader12157640000000000
26Henry Schmitt11700000000005760
27Joey Jordan11454600000000000
28Steve Kohli9000000005139000
29Laura Tallman8900000048410000
30Aristotle Balogh760000000000076
31Ricardo Flores430430000000000
32Ernie Francis Jr.373700000000000

General Bulletin #09 – * = 1.0 Eligible | ** = 2.0 Eligible
 2016 General Bulletin #09

Last Update: 11 October 2016

VIR Webinar by M. Skeen and J. Schwartz

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PWC Welcomes Global MX-5 Cup Car

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Shea Holbrook Interview: Orange Observer

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FCP Euro Partners with Rooster Hall Racing for 2017 PWC Season

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FCP Euro is proud to announce its partnership with Rooster Hall Racing for the 2017…